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Why has this Leicester building been painted with a huge Union Flag?


If you’ve been out and about in Leicester over the last few days, you might have done a double take at this very patriotic paintjob.
The huge Union Flag popped up outside a restaurant on Jubilee Square over the weekend.
But what is it for?
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The freshly painted wall has actually been created for what was formerly known as Maiyango restaurant.
After closing in July, the restaurant is all set to re-open with a brand new concept this month.
And while there’s been no hint of the new cuisine on offer so far, we think we have an idea now.

Maiyango will reopen as The Fish and the Chip
Yep, it’s been confirmed that Maiyango will indeed be back with a brilliantly British concept, with a brand new name to match – The Fish and the Chip.
Seating up to 80, the restaurant will be serving British seafood classics including lobster and skinny fries, a surf and turf burger, and – of course – fish and chips.
The new restaurant will open to diners on Thursday 17 August.
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The Fish and the Chip launches on Thursday 17 August
Aatin Anadkat, founder of the Maiyango Brand said: “The Union Flag frontage for our launch has been specially created to celebrate the fact that we are serving great British food. We thought it was the perfect way to let everyone know and also do something iconic for Leicester.
“We are proud to be a Leicester brand and also a British brand and for us, the Union Flag on Jubilee Square with the red post box outside tells a lovely story!”
Find out more about the launch and how to book here.

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